Weather links for around the Country..  My favorite list...  as of 2/12/2020 (let me know if any of these become non working and i'll fix them!)

Western PA Snowy links
Weather Underground page for Laurel Ridge between Rt31 and R30 in Rector, PA

Windy Weather forecaster (Better than the others I say ! )

Intellicast weather loop picture for Western, PA

Weather from the National Weather Service for the Pittsburgh Area

Information on the ANF Snowmobiling Riding areas in North Western PA

DCNR page for info on Trail conditions, Registration information, Maps for riding areas around PA 

Lake Chautauqua Snowy links
Link to the weather out of Jamestown, NY for Lake Chautauqua Region

Link to weather at Lakewood, NY (just east of Jamestown - 2 high quality webcams to view)

Lake Chautauqua Snowmobile Club has two webcams 

Old Forge, NY Snowy links
Christy's Motel in Old Forge - New York

Michigan Snowy links
Link to John Dee and the weather and web cams around Michigan

Camera shot of the front yard and trail at the Vagabond Inn in Paradise MI