April 1, 2022

Hello Everyone,

It's hard to believe that another year of snowmobiling is behind us. 

I've been riding now since 1983 or so so it will be almost 40 years of wonderfulness!   Snowmobiling has been part of my life.  How about you ? 

Are you challenged to get out there when the first snow hits and then ride as much as the winter allows ?   That's what our sport is. 

Going out and having fun.   Being part of a lifelong addiction to riding the white gold.  

Till next season !  Think Snow!  Oh, and look for the club events.  Come on up and be part of our "family".   We all strive to have fun out in the white stuff we call "enjoying the cold weather time".  


Be safe and think snow!!

Steve Matscherz President 2021-2022