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The Laurel Highlands Snowmobile Club along with the other two clubs in our area (Maple Summit and Rolling Ridge) have gotten together to accept donations and perform fundraisers to benefit snowmobiling trails in the Laurel Highlands riding area.

  The original intent was for the bridge to have some additional funding if needed to get it replaced but now that the bridge issue is mostly behind us we need to focus on trail work and funding the grooming operations in the riding area.   With Rolling Ridge acquiring a groomer and Maple summit in need of money to keep theirs operating we felt this 501c3 tax deductable method would go a long way to helping out the organizations of both clubs.  If you or a buisness are interested in helping out snowmobiling in the Laurel Highlands then this is your chance to donate money to do so.   Nothing is free and snowmobiling requires a great deal of money to make the trails happen.  Sure, a lot of it is on State property but not all of it is.  And that's where this fund comes into play.   Because the grooming operations of the clubs need funding for private section maintainence this money helps to get it all working for them.  If you can contribute it would be a big help to all.   Thanks to all who help out on the trail and those who help financially as well !

Laurel Highlands Snowmobile Club Board of Directors


Here's more info for donations.  These PDF files show where to send the funds to and how it works.

Laurel Mountain Snowmobile Trail Paper about funding

Laurel Mountain Donation Page