If you need to contact us please use the following information as your guideline:

1.  For issues with Key Fob not working,  Parking pass never received, or Membership payment issues.  Please contact the Treasurer. 

2.  For issues with club functions and things related to the club organization please email the President  - only if the issue is not related to membership.

3.  Board members are available for comments from the membership.  Remember they represent you for the club.

4.  All other comments on the web page and camera you can contact Steve.

5. Questions on riding conditions ?   Contact the DCNR on the FAQ page or call the clubhouse phone (if anyone is there riding they usually answer) 

Thanks and have a great Snowy day out there !  And please be careful when riding! 


Board Member Position Held
Steve Matscherz President
Doug Hay Vice President
Shelly Buckles Secretary
Linda Walker Treasurer
Jr Walker Board
Available spot for you! Board
Art Engelka Board
Jim Wilkinson Board
Jim Bower Board




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