September 11, 2021

Hello Everyone,

I'd like to welcome everyone to a new year of snowmobiling, things are looking up this season for snowmobiling and the pandamenic has brought us new faces into the sport of snowmobling. 

Some have returned from previous riding and there are new faces taking up the sport due to the nature of snowmobiling which is a safe outdoors type of sport.   We welcome all at our club.

Please join and see what we have to offer you all.   Membership and hanging out with other like minded individuals at the clubhouse can help introduce you to our area of riding in Western Pa. 

I will keep you updated with any events that come up.  Our upcoming races Sept 26th and Oct 10th offer everyone an opportunity to meet some club members and start on a lifelong adventure with snowmobiling and drag racing! 

Our meetings are friendly and informative stop in at one of our monthly meetings the 2nd Thursday of every month at 8pm.

I also look forward to seeing you all at our club events and especially out on the trail.

Be safe and think snow!!

Steve Matscherz President 2021-2022