Welcome to the Laurel Highlands Snowmobile Club Inc.


Next Club Meeting Mar 14th @8pm

Club Poker Run - Feb 23rd @ 11am -  Hopefully we'll actually have snow this time ! 


Also,  we have experienced problems with our membership database on the computer this year.   We've currently sent out all the known renewals as we know.  If you HAVE NOT RECEIVED a renewal form you can print off the club membership form and circle the items needed and send it in to the address on the form.   That will count as your renewal for the year.   We apologize for the inconvience but you know how it is with computers !  Any questions call the President or email him off the contacts page.   (or email me - Steve at the bottom of this one)

Picture is from Rick Brown - Somewhere in the Laurel Highlands Riding area Jan 20th 2019

Pics from the Races on our Facebook pages

Race Results from 1st Grass Drag Race - Sep 16th 2018
Race Results from 2nd Grass Drag Race - Oct 14th 2018

A run from the Anything Goes Class at the LHSC
A 2nd run in the Anything Goes Class at the LHSC

See more pictures from the events at the LHSC on our Facebook page below.

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                  See an example of Riding in the Laurel Highlands with Bill Bennett's Video below:

                        Bill's Snowmobile Promo Video 4.14.2011

Recommended Motel for Snowmobilers in Donegal or Somersett - phone numbers are on the dealers and hotels page)

Interested in joining our club ?  Print off the membership application and send it on in.  We're looking for YOU to join !

Board Member Position Held
Brad Hoover President
Art Engelka Vice President
Sheila Knupp Secretary
Linda Walker Treasurer
Jr Walker Board
Doug Hay Board
Alan Knupp Board
Bob Serfozo Board
Bob Ainsley Board

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